Rope Bondage

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Madame Ingrid.s debut on film! Watch Irene Boss and the Super Vixen Bitch suspend Irene.s slave girl fully clothed and then go at the clothes with a pair of sheers. Very nasty things happen to the slave girl while she is tied, suspended and forced to endure multiple orgasms with a vibrator! Whipping, caning, flogging, clothes pin torture, nipple torture, biting, and spanking. Many different types of rope bondage and 3 different types of suspension are demonstrated. She is very surely throughout and deserves everything she gets. You will wish that you were her while watching this too! Madame Ingrid in corset with knee boots and Irene Boss in rubber cat suit.


Over her knee

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This young man was so naughty, Boss had to step in occasionally from behind the camera and kick him in the ass and apply the cane! A new spanking video. Mistresses (Morgana and Anastasia) in long skirts disciplining naughty charge OTK with different implements (paddles, hairbrush) and bare hands. Panty training is forced upon him, as his male underpants were substandard upon investigation by the two Mistresses. Punishment lines are given as an assignment, and he even manages to bungle it, which sends Mistress Morgana in a verbal assault. The positioning of his fanny over the spanking horse makes it incredibly easy for the Ladies to give him everything he deserves, including a stern caning. The charge is a sassy brat who likes to talk back, but does get his punishment and is thankful afterwards.


Breaking the Rules

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Nice girls who like spanking dont think about nasty painful S/M games right? Wrong! This new feature breaks all the rules! Red hot action. Mistress Antoinettes video debut at the Compound. Irene shares a girl for some inescapable bondage, tit torture, smothering, breast worship with the slave girl – who is unable to move an inch – enduring intense torture. There is also some good old fashioned over the knee bare bottom spanking. Filmed in the gothic dungeon and schoolroom. Mistresses in black leather corsets, fishnets, see through cat suits and high boots. Slave girl nude. Spanking sequence features Mistresses in business womens attire and slave girl in tiny white see through bikini panties.


Jaynes sex change

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Imagine being deliberately 15 minutes early to serve your Mistresses, because you were 15 minutes late the last time and want to avoid punishment. Imagine being a slave who finds it difficult to keep your mouth shut. slave jayne bungles again, in this 3 way extravaganza. Dominant Ladies wear leather, nurse outfits, and military gear.

1). Lobby: Mistress Morgana, Mistress Anastasia and the Boss decide to teach jayne a lesson by taking turns raping her mouth for a full 15 minutes in the dark lobby. jayne is forced to sit on a metal spike mat while she sucks the strap ons.

2). Sissy Room: Next sassy jayne is taken upstairs where she is forced to strip in front of all 3 Mistresses and change into a new outfit (jayne is forced to change 3 times during the video).

3). Interrogation chamber: Once properly attired jayne is placed standing in the middle of the room, fastened with her arms in the air and legs spread. The Ladies make her watch with virtual reality glasses, while she takes some heavy corporal, cbt, and nipple play.

4). Clinic: The sex change begins, with some intense cleaning to wash away the man. jaynes tittie size is increased with a cupping set during her pregnancy and period. There is much nipple play and cbt.

5). Gothic Dungeon: jaynes treatment ends in the sit sling, while the 3 Ladies take turns with her poor pussy, and verbal admonishment ensues through out.


Whipped By The Boss

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The Bosss second video with -the brat- from Syrin. if you liked Boss in Hollywood, you will love this! See bart being his typical uppity sassy self, and see Boss make the necessary attitude adjustments! Upside down suspension, spanking, double flogging, single tail whips of many lengths, and verbal admonishment all conspire to give bart the comeuppance he deserves! A spinning bondage wheel ,and padded spanking bench feature prominently in conjunction with nipple play, cbt, and clothespin cropping. The saga ends with a stern caning. Irene Boss topless in sheer black cat suit and leather/metal t-back, military hat, and 12 inches platform fetish boots. bart in leather gladiator style jockstrap.


The new girl

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From the office, to the dungeon, to the schoolroom. Role play, SM, rubber fetish, and corporal discipline!

Scene 1: Irene has hired Spanky to be her office manager for the weekend, to see how things go. During a routine office inspection Spanky is found to be surfing the web and goofing off. She did not write out the checks to pay the bills, and she was discovered impersonating Irene over the phone. Irene instructs Spanky to sort videos for awhile, and the whole time Spanky is fantasizing about nasty rubber goings-on while in bondage in the sit sling at the hands of Irene. The fantasies include being face sat by Irene while wearing a dildo gag, dildo training, and vibrator stimulation. Both ladies wear sexy skintight rubber cat suits, with strategically placed zippers. Irene wears sexy fetish stilettos with 7 inch steel heels, and Spanky is in ballet boots and head harness dildo. Very hot, shiny, sexy and nasty!

Scene 2: Spanky is unable to concentrate on work, so Boss orders her upstairs to the schoolroom for some discipline over the punishment box! The following occurs: Razor stropping, tawsing, caning, birching, whipping, strokes with long wooden rulers, slappers, and a thin mahogany spanking stick. Spanky is thankful for her punishment and repentant afterwards. Irene is pleased with the behavior modification. Spanky is dressed as a school girl, and Irene wears office attire in this scene.


Extreme journey

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Irene Boss and Mistress Denetra get totally out of control with Transsexual Josie in this extreme journey into masochism. Josie is suspended in a chair, spanked, cropped, paddles, smacked and slapped. Josie is suspended with electroshock to nipples and clitty, with the violet wand and hollers so loud the walls shake! Josie is placed in the sit sling for strap on training and electric dildo treatment. Very heavy play.


Hitch hiker abduction

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Scene 1: Irene Boss and Goddess Claudia like to play with their guns (Glock and Beretta to be exact). They are bored and therefore are planning the abduction of a male hitch hiker in broad daylight. While sitting on the porch at the Compound in their leather pants, they stroke their guns suggestively and talk about gun fetish right to the cameras.

Scene 2: They take off in Irene.s big black envoy and heads towards the fruit loop which is a favorite Pittsburgh hangout for male prostitutes. They find a regular guy instead in the Frick Park area, and seduce him into the vehicle with the hope of sex. He thinks he.s going to get some, but the Ladies have other plans! Their guns are drawn and he becomes a quivering mess. He is told that he will be their entertainment hostage for the evening.
Scene 3: The Ladies change into dominatrix costumes with Irene in rubber corset, hose and knee high black leather boots and Goddess Claudia in a black leather corset and black leather pants with open toed high heels. The hostage is in bondage on the floor with thigh to wrist restraints, bondage mitts, and very tight straps. The Ladies go through his belongings and poke fun at him. They take his money from his wallet, and then they find a gun! They dominate the front of his body with various small implements, including short whips and riding crops. The punishment is excruciating. He is turned over for more of the same treatment on his backside. He screams and struggles during the genitorture and bastinado sequences. Claudia flips him over, kneels on his chest, and face sits him. Irene then face sits him while cruelly twisting his nipples! She teases his mouth with her sexy boots.

Scene 4: The hostage is suspended spread eagled upside down for electro nipple and cbt treatments. Goddess Claudia manipulates the settings on the electrical boxes while Irene goes to town on his back and ass with signal and bullwhips. The Ladies indulge in a tandem bullwhipping scene. Extreme and brutal!


cigarette break

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A naughty slave girl was caught taking a -cigarette break- during Mistress Briannas visit! Irene had to go outside and hunt her down. She had done a very poor job straightening up Mistress Brianna guestroom and assisting her with dressing.

Scene 2: The slave girl is restrained to the St. Andrews Cross and takes the following punishments: Clothespins, Caning, Cropping, Flogging. Genitorture, Verbal Humiliation and Nipple Torture.

Scene 3: The slave girl is moved to the sit sling and undergoes psychological torture with the Nova Pro System and electro genitorture. She manages to spontaneously cumbust, much to the surprise of the two Dominant Ladies!


The Accidental Gardener

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Scene 1: Irene Boss is visiting Mistress Shane in Antwerp Belgium. They are sitting in the courtyard outside Shane.s studio on a lovely October evening making conversation while wearing leather corsets, skirts, girdles, heels, boots, and hose. They look divine and you have just entered heaven. Suddenly, they notice that the gardener has done a very poor job maintaining the grounds. Mistress Shane is embarrassed by this. Something must be done! Irene and Shane make a .tree. out the gardener by commanding him to hold branches between his legs and arms. Then the ladies punish the tree with their whips! The slave is then left to stand in the courtyard all night long bearing the marks from the implements.

Scene 2: On the second floor of Mistress Shane.s new modern dungeon (one of the loveliest play spaces on earth) the gardener is restrained to a St. Andrew.s cross for weighted CBT, and genitorture. Clothespins are whipped from his body. The ladies stretch and grab his cock and balls frequently.
Scene 3: The gardener is restrained over a large spanking bench for tandem heavy paddling, flogging, dual caning, ass cropping, and single tail whipping. How much can one slave take?

Scene 4: Bonus short .The Punkin. head slaves.. Watch Mistress Shane and Irene murder a pumpkin, eggs, and tomatoes, while they talk about you. All the bad qualities about slaves are discussed as they take out their aggressions in a positive way on food. This was filmed for fans of crush fetish, giantess, strong legs and verbal humiliation. Something different.